The Need Free SpeedBird

GlossyCard2.jpgspeedbirdglossycard.jpgThe Need Free SpeedBird is a purpose build race car being built entirely on the generosity of others. It is quite literally, “Powered by Generosity”.



The Starting Line


Several years ago, by wife and I decided to begin work on an idea we had had for a long time. The end result is our website called Need Free lets people from all over the country search for and post things they need, or are giving away free. It was quite a journey just to get to the point we are at now. However, I’ve had another idea growing…

For many years I’ve loved motor sports. I’m a regular guy with a normal job, but with not-so-secret ambitions to one day race. The kind of car or location are not important. My chances of getting paid to race are quickly diminishing,  but my love of cars is not.

So here’s the idea. Why not take my 1998 Honda Civic with 270,000 miles and build a land speed car to go out and challenge the existing record for the G/BGCC class. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means. I’ll explain in a later post).

My wife and I have been exceedingly diligent in our personal  finances, and we’re still fairly young.  We recognize the importance of investing in our retirement, so the idea of paying a whole bunch of money to build a straight up race car makes absolutely no sense.

As we’ve immersed ourselves in the “generosity lifestyle”,  I’ve come to realize more and more that most people love to help others, and people will give if they believe in the request. Having recognized that fact, I have decided to begin asking racing parts manufacturers and distributors for donations of parts I’ll need to make this project happen. Anything that may remain un-donated will be purchased with contributions from generous people who believe in the project.

So why build a race car? Primarily because I love racing, but more so to demonstrate to people that incredible, improbable, impossible(?) things can be done when people generously come together for a common purpose. The idea is that that car – the Need Free SpeedBird is just the beginning. We’re really looking to build a community of people working together to meet needs of all kinds all over the world.

Pretty simple right? Actually…Yes. Stay tuned for updates from the project!