Neither Rain Nor Dark Of Night

06.24.2018 After close to thirteen years of running, I’ve successfully conquered two running conditions I had until late, avoided at all costs. Running in the dark, (read early morning), became a necessity as my longer training runs required me to be finished by mid-morning. I solved that with a very good headlamp i bought on clearance from Best Buy for $5. It’s got a high and low beams and a steady or flashing red strobe. I use the flashing LED’s and it’s amazing how vehicles will move over when that’s all they can see coming at them. The other condition is rain. Having ruined a iPod several years ago, I’ve avoided running in the rain to preserve my technology, but also to avoid the discomfort. Now, the other morning, I rolled the dice and went out for five miles knowing there was a storm front moving in. Sure enough, I got caught in it. The two Ziploc sandwich bags did a good job protecting my phone, and my Bluetooth headphones are water resistant. Knowing that I wasn’t going to have to replace either of them, I ran in the rain, and enjoyed it. From here on out, as long as the temperature is agreeable, I won’t avoid the rain. However, I did step up my tech-protection. A few years ago, I bought a thick plastic, triple sealing Travelocity brand cell phone carrier. It’s 100% waterproof and is far superior to plastic sandwich bags, and, it too, was bought on clearance – apparently for such a time as this.

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