The Art of Running in the Rain

08.01.2018 Today was the first time I’ve left the house in the rain, to run in the rain, knowing that it was going to rain the whole time. What started as light sprinkles soon turned to light showers, and stayed that way for the duration of my eight mile run. I brought, and used a poncho. It was the same unopened poncho I had found on the side of the road – ironically – just minutes after being caught in a heavy downpour several weeks ago. It worked well and kept me dry, especially my iPhone and Bluetooth headset. However, upon returning home and some reflection, I think I will just run in my normal raincoat whenever I know it’s going to be wet.

This is very much a season of firsts. With seven marathons now behind me, I’m no longer a novice. However, I’ve set my sites on bigger challenges and look forward to my first ever 26.2 miles training run just one week from tomorrow.

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