Recovery Week

08.17.2018 After having completed my first solo, self supported marathon on the second day of my vacation, my intention was to get a couple recovery runs in before heading back to work. Well, work resumes in the morning, and I haven’t run so much as the first step – and I’m fine with that. Nine days off proved to be relaxing and productive. I got several projects taken care of around the house, but I also drank a lot of coffee and watched more television than I have in a very long time. Don’t get me wrong. I tend to push myself nearly every day only stopping when my body threatens to quit on me. My next running challenge isn’t for another nine weeks so I have more than enough time to fully recover and build back up before running my next point to point solo self supported marathon. Two interesting points to note. First, I have really enjoyed Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. I’m not one to binge watch very much, and for practical reasons, time simply won’t allow.  I watched several episodes back to back and on back to back days. It’s quite well done. You should check it out if you have the chance. Secondly, with my imagination free to run this week, I’ve looked very closely at running the perimeter of Manhattan Island. It’s approximately 37 miles. I’m confident I could do it, but right now, it’s most important to stay focused on financial priorities and not spend several hundred dollars on what is essentially a selfish endeavor. If you know much about my life, I typically end up with what I want, but typically wait a l-o-n-g time to get it (e.g. the ’95 Corvette I had wanted for from ’97 to 2017). In the meantime, I’ll take my own advice and start with what I have and go from there. Stay tuned, and thank you for your support. Have a great day!

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