Sorry, Wrong Number

10.24.2018 So you didn’t win the big lottery. Many are disappointed, but how many are actually surprised? I’m certain that countless hours of conversations were had this week about people’s plans on how to spend the nearly one billion dollar cash payout. I overheard several such conversations myself while out shopping, and I had the same conversations with my wife. But here’s the thing…how many of those goals that were set while dreaming of the big prize now have to change? Seriously, while you’re not likely to earn anywhere close to a billion dollars between now and the end of your life, why do your goals need to change? Okay, let’s evaluate this. Your goal to buy a multi-million dollar mega-yacht can’t stay, but why not a smaller boat? Or, was it really your goal to just get out on the water, or to travel, or just to host friends? Keep your goal. Change the how, or more likely, change the specific what. Today, is the time when people will either dejectedly slip back into their ordinary routines, or will take the flame of inspiration that was sparked in the last couple weeks and begin moving in the direction of their dreams. Spend some more time this week and give some thought as to what it was exactly that caused you to identify those now out of reach goals, then just modify them so that you can reach the same end. Everyone wants peace, security, happiness, and friends. None of those things take much money. As a matter of fact, those things can be had with little to no money. So there’s something to think about. Take a look around today at what you have, and realize that you are far more wealthy than the vast majority of our neighbors across the planet. We can still live within our means and give generously to help others find peace, security and happiness, all the while being the best kind of friends.

Here’ an action item. Why not post some things you no longer need on Need Free? It’s fast, free, and easy. You’ll be helping someone in your community, and helping us as well. Not sure about it? How about just stopping by the website and taking a look around.

Thanks for your support, and have a great day!


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