That Wasn’t So Hard

Often times, one will have an idea. That idea is generally in it’s completed form, and the “how” of exactly what it would take to bring said idea to past, are generally…fuzzy at best.

After nearly ten years of audio podcasting, I’ve got my first video version up on YouTube, and it’s a lot like I had hoped it would be. (You can view it here: Sure, there have been other videos I’ve posted, but this one is the closest to how the old podcasts have been. And…That wasn’t so hard.

I’m not the most technically adept person out there. But I’ve accumulated a few doodads that I can work with, and they seem to be enough. I’m on several Facebook groups for people doing similar things, and it never ceases to amaze me how much money these people have spent for results that – frankly are underwhelming. I mention this to encourage you to just do what it is you want to do. Start with whatever you have, and just grow as you go. As a matter of fact, some of the most successful people have credited their ability to rise to the top with the limitations they were under at the beginning, and along most of the way. So now, after a few trial runs I think I’ve got the hang of how to do this now, and am ready to get episode 113 off the ground sometime soon.

So stay tuned for much more to come, and have a great day!



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