Mr. Robot

I interact with a lot of people every day. Every week. It is interesting how obviously people put their best foot forward when it comes to social interactions and especially on social media. Thee’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just easy to forget how many major difficulties most of us are juggling at any given time.

I’m very selective about the media I watch. In general, It needs to inspire, encourage, or else, at least inform me. Even most of the entertainment television I watch does some combination of that.

Ever since cutting cable a couple years ago, my wife and I have been working our way through some really good series on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Most recently, we’ve begun watching Mr. Robot, a show about a brilliant, albeit, troubled young technologist. The show’s creator does a very good job at humanizing someone with whom we would never usually come in contact with. Or, at least that’s what I thought at first. All those people that I work with and around and come in contact with around town have real things going on in a real life that is most often is kept off Facebook and certainly out of polite conversation. But the battle still rages. The depression and addiction continues. The self-loathing and frustration never fully disappear. They hide themselves behind the video games and alcohol, and sleep, and exercise. We, as humans have done a remarkably good job at auto-pharmacology, that is,  self-medication. Without much research, we’ve found what makes us feel better. I’m not here to judge or condemn. The only purpose of this blog post is to just hold up a reminder to reach out and be friendly to someone today. So many people are starving for just a little kindness. The world as a whole can’t provide it. Instead, it must come from individual, intentionally directed at another individual. You many not see the immediate effect it has on someone. They may not even show any sign of appreciation, but even just the smallest random word of compliment or well-wishing can lift a spirit or change a mood. Maybe even your own.

Be well. And have a great day.


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