And We’re Back

03.12.2019   Sorry about that. Just as last year’s running trailed off, so did these blog posts. However, we’re back. To be honest, our dinosaur of a computer was making most PC based social media very difficult. Now, with a new slick and quick laptop, I’m able to get things going much more consistently. It’s scary how many pages, sites and apps have user names and passwords that old systems remember for us. Fortunately, just about everything has been migrated over and all systems are go.

So…Need Free and everything we’re doing is for you. All the encouragement. All the inspiration. It’s March and I feel like I’m off to a bit of a late start. But it’s March. It’s the name of a month. Nothing else. This year I’ll be very focused on bringing you much more visible and consistent content across all of out social media outlets and letting you in behind the scenes. So stay tuned! Tell a friend!

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Have a great day!


(What I’m listening to: Phosphorescent, “New Birth in New England”)

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