What are you doing here?

04.03.2019   Hey, you’re reading printed text! Thanks for slowing down for just a minute to read this.

Blogs are strange things. For some, they’re a personal journal that only a select handful read, and for others, it’s their…It’s just one of their many platforms to promote themselves, or their product, or agenda, or themselves, or even themselves.

It is with significant hesitation that I press forward with all the social media outlets that Need Free has. But then I remember. It’s not about me. As one is apt to do in one’s life, I asked myself, “What are you doing here?”

I determined that it was quite simple. To start with I wanted to be happy and live a comfortable life with my wife and be at peace. Secondly to that, I just wanted to

Help people. and Be good to them.

That’s it. I don’t have a cause. I’m not trying to end a scourge. I’m not banging the drum of anything. I simply want to encourage you in whatever you’re doing. Maybe it’s just getting through the day. Maybe you do want to change the world. Either way, if I can help, or offer a word of encouragement that’s what I’ll do. Additionally, as we pursue the improbably ourselves, we hope to serve as an inspiration, or perhaps as a cautionary tale to avoid some of our mistakes.

So…Less than “What” are we doing here, is “How” are we doing it?

Just a note here. I will frequently use “I” and ‘We” interchangeably. My wife and I started Need Free. She is my biggest supporter, encourager, and inspiration. I am the engine in the vehicle, but she’s the gas in the tank.

We have outlets. That may not be the right term for it, but that’s what I call them.

We have YouTube, Twitter, Facebook – several Facebooks, Instagram, and this blog. You know, all the biggies.

At this point, I still really am trying to avoid the gimmicks and all the things that people are using to promote their stuff. It just seems so on the nose and distastefully self…self everything. It’s “ME” wrapped up in a pretty package in the name of some kind of benefit for you. No hate. It’s just that way I taste it.

So, we’ll just continue to produce content. The photos, blogs, link, and videos. It is incredible important to me that all of it be a value to you. You. I’m pretty good at it in my personal and professional life, but the rules of social media are different behind your device’s screen. If it comes across as self-promoting or self-serving, it’s out.

So let’s wrap this up. It’s hard, even for me, to read seemingly never ending blog posts.

This past week, I made a shift in my thinking. I decided that instead of trying to craft regular episode’s of Runway, (Need Free’s podcast turned web series), I’ll post not only those, but more frequent shorter, check-ins, longer occasional specials, as well as featured music and videos, longform content, and curated videos.

Thanks for reading along with me. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing where all this goes.

I hope you have a great day. Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing.

info@needfree or poweredbygenerosity.com



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