1. Q:How long will this project take?

A: At this point, it’s very difficult to say. So much of the progress of the build is  dependent on the generosity of others. We will continue to work toward our goal for long as we are able.

2. Q: What happens if you don’t get all the parts you need?

A: Will will continue to speak with parts suppliers until we have exhausted all possible options and then purchase the parts as needed with funds provided by individual donors.

3. Q: Do you offer sponsorships?

A: Yes. There are very few cars or drivers that get very far without the support of others. We have sponsorship packages. They are detailed on the “How to Help” tab.

4: Q: I don’t understand the record you are trying to break. What is G/BGCC?

A: At the Bonneville Salt Flats, cars compete for the fastest speeds in vehicle classifications. G = the engine size, and BGCC stands for Blown Gas Competition Coupe. This refers to a turbo or supercharged engine running on gasoline in a modified coupe body car. As the car is being build, the exactly class we compete in is subject to change. The current speed record we are working to break is 226.352 mph.

5: Q: What are your qualifications as a driver?

A: My 23 year safe driving record is probably not very impressive to anyone except my insurance agent. I did attend a five day Skip Barber racing school in Sebring, Florida, but a race car driver that does not make me. The distinct difference between racing on a closed circuit track and out on the salt, is the engineering that goes into the cars. The skills     involved are quite different. Many people can safely drive very fast out at Bonneville.

6. Q: So what happens if I donate, but you don’t end up driving the completed car at Bonneville?                                                                                                                                    

A: We don’t have any plans to stop until we’ve met our goal, but it’s important to understand the goal of the car is not so some guy can go racing for cheap. We’re building the car in cooperation with out website – needfree.com. Need Free lets people from all over the country post of search for things they need or are giving away free. As the Need Free community grows, we will be using a percentage of our profits to meet even bigger needs. We will focus our giving in the areas of poverty, education,  hunger relief, clean water, and families in need. The SpeedBird is not a publicity stunt. It is, however, a social project aimed at bringing     awareness to the large amounts of needs in the society we live in, as well as the easy and convenient ways everyone can help.

7. Q: Am I guaranteed anything in return for my donation?

A: Other than what is detailed in the sponsorship packages, no.

8. Q:  Are my donations tax deductible?

A: No, Need Free Incorporated, is the legal entity that is sponsoring this project. We are an S Corporation legally registered with the Alabama Secretary of State and the IRS.  Our EID is 46-0866185.

9: Q: So couldn’t a big company like yours afford to just build the car?

A: Well, simply put, no. We’re not a big company. We launched needfree.com in December of 2014, and have been working hard to get the word out to people all over America. At this point, traffic to the website is growing, but we are far from turning a profit. It is our expectation, that the SpeedBird project will help us continue to increase awareness about Need Free. In the meantime, I still go to work 50 hours a week to make ends meet.

10. Q: What is your build strategy?

A: Our car will not only be race ready, but daily rolling publicity for needfree.com. We will keep it street legal until such time that the few racing modifications need to be made when we take it out to race. For practical reasons, we will be seeking out minor parts sponsors first to lend some credibility to our project before going for the big names. Who knows, there many be no big names. Obviously, the engine and transmission will be the biggest components, but even then, they are all made up from smaller pieces, and no one sponsor would really need to put up all that much to make a sizable contribution. We will also be requesting technical guidance from local speed shops that make these kind of modifications on a regular basis.

11. Q. Do you have a cause you’re supporting? Why are you doing this project?

A. Our cause is generosity, We want to demonstrate to people that incredible, improbable, impossible(?) things can be done when people generously come together for a common purpose. The idea is that that car – the Need Free SpeedBird is just the beginning. We’re really looking to build a community of people working together to meet needs of all kinds all over the world.


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