Neither Rain Nor Dark Of Night

06.24.2018 After close to thirteen years of running, I’ve successfully conquered two running conditions I had until late, avoided at all costs. Running in the dark, (read early morning), became a necessity as my longer training runs required me to be finished by mid-morning. I solved that with a very good headlamp i bought on clearance from Best Buy for $5. It’s got a high and low beams and a steady or flashing red strobe. I use the flashing LED’s and it’s amazing how vehicles will move over when that’s all they can see coming at them. The other condition is rain. Having ruined a iPod several years ago, I’ve avoided running in the rain to preserve my technology, but also to avoid the discomfort. Now, the other morning, I rolled the dice and went out for five miles knowing there was a storm front moving in. Sure enough, I got caught in it. The two Ziploc sandwich bags did a good job protecting my phone, and my Bluetooth headphones are water resistant. Knowing that I wasn’t going to have to replace either of them, I ran in the rain, and enjoyed it. From here on out, as long as the temperature is agreeable, I won’t avoid the rain. However, I did step up my tech-protection. A few years ago, I bought a thick plastic, triple sealing Travelocity brand cell phone carrier. It’s 100% waterproof and is far superior to plastic sandwich bags, and, it too, was bought on clearance – apparently for such a time as this.


06.20.2018  Do it Yourself As Much As Possible…I’m spending some time today looking for recipes for DIY sports drinks. I go through quite a bit of Gatorade and if I can save a buck or fifty, I’m interested. I’ll keep you posted on my findings. Have a great day! (9 miles this morning).


At this point, all my longest long runs are completed as I begin tapering for the Burn Your Half Off Marathon in Chattanooga, TN the first week in July. It’s been strange not running as many miles, but enjoyable. As my Challenges develop, I have decided that after the marathon, my next challenge will be a first for me – to complete a marathon distance, 26.2 miles in training. Stay tuned, and have a great day!