Parts List

This is a preliminary list of parts and components we will need to convert the Civic into the SpeedBird, land speed car. The parts are typical to the variety needed to achieve our goal. We will change these as they beome available.

Type: B18a
Displacement: 1,820cc/111ci, 3.209×3.433 bore and stroke
Oiling: Stock
Crankshaft: Stock
Connecting Rods:  137.9mm/5.430-inch with high performance bolts
Pistons: Supertech pistons
Cylinder Heads: Honda B16, Stage VI porting
Camshaft: 0.480/0.375 lift, 250/210 duration at 0.050, variable LDA
Induction: Integra Type R manifold ported , supercharger, air-to-water aftercooler, ice box in the trunk
Ignition: Iridium plugs, SCI digital ignition
Fuel System: 950cc injectors, fuel controller piggybacking OE ECU, 255-gph in-tank fuel pump, Vortech T-Rex, AEM boost-referenced regulator
Exhaust: custom stainless-steel 4-into-1 header, 311/42-inch, race muffler
Cooling: High performance radiator                                                                                               Oiling: Dry sump or pre-oiler

Transmission: Integra GSR five-speed manual with altered ratios,  billet flywheel, single-disc four-puck clutch, Type R limited-slip
Drive Axles: Stock Integra GSR, deburred

Frame: Six-point rollcage
Front Suspension: 211/42-inch-id race springs and struts, 25mm front swaybar
Rear Suspension:  211/42-inch-id race springs
Steering: Stock
Brakes: High performance rotors, high performance  pads,  stainless steel brake lines

Wheels & Tires
Wheels: 17×7 wheels

Bridgestone Potenza S-02 A

Body & Paint
Body: Stock with front air dam, blocked grille, roofrails, and rear spoiler, Deist or other qualifying parachute,
Paint: Custom, vinyl graphics, belly pan


Interior: Gutted with fabbed aluminum panels, safety equipment, seats, gauges, digital air/fuel meter, fire system, anti-shatter window film.



Hood clips provided by Winding Road Racing

Rear mounted battery disconnect switch provided by Littelfuse


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